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In line with SASA Creations’ ability to style the interior and structural design of any home or office, our wallpapers should be added to your budget. The great thing about wallpapers is that they can change the entire appearance of a room without you having to break down any walls or renovate.

A facelift like no other because wallpapers are easy to install, maintain and remove. The difference between wallpapers and murals is that murals are often designed in four sections and are restricted in terms of size and dimensions.

Wallpapers, on the other hand, are versatile and (usually) inexpensive. Since a sense of style is something that cannot be purchased, SASA Creations wallpapers range in price from R700 per roll to R10 000 per roll.

However, the average cost for a well crafted and beautiful wallpaper is anywhere from R1000R1500 per roll.

Wallpapers /’wawl-pey-per/


Any fabric, printed or vinyl, decorative material with patterns or solid colours for pasting on and covering walls or ceiling of rooms, passages, etc…

How it works?

Typical size of wallpaper roll 53cm wide x 10m length
Cost of installing each roll on walls R450
*Different price for installing on ceiling, quoted based on size.
Average time to order a wallpaper not in stock 2 weeks
Average time to order a custom wallpaper 3 weeks
Amount of time required to install wallpaper +/- 2 hours per room depending on size
Cost of removing wallpaper R600 per wall*

*Please note:

  • the baseline price for standard size room with a 3m x 3m area surface per wall and subject to change depending on the size of the wall
  • different price for installing on the ceiling, quoted based on size.

Book for Measurements