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Light is right, bright is better, sometimes! Ambiance is everything and other than the colour of your walls, style of curtaining and size of windows, lighting is one of the most important elements to setting the right mood, especially after the sun sets.

No matter how dim or bright, our modern/classic interpretation of the placement and usage of lights is what sets us apart from our competitors. Care for a chandelier and/or automated downlights?

Lighting /’lahy-ting/


The science, theory or method of achieving particular effects or moods using illuminated or ignited light fixtures.

It’s no longer about simply having a plain mirror to groom yourself in but rather about what the mirror says about you. Sourced from various local suppliers, our selection of mirrors will enhance any room.

Mirrors /’mir-er/

Noun or Verb

A reflecting object set into a frame to either add practical and/or decorative dimensions to a room or surface. Illusive by nature, mirrors create “more” space.

Carpets are the epitome of where form and function merge to craft a practical product that comes with decorative elements. Think boutique and chic, we know of all the floor coverings to ensure you secure all the right feels.

Carpets /’kahr-pit/


A heavy fabric, commonly wool, silk or nylon, for covering and dressing floors. From our earliest establishment as humans, we’ve always wanted to seperate ourselves from cold and discomforting grounds. Modern technology has simply allowed us to do this with more vogue.

SASA Creations cushions can make for great gifts and personalisation tokens to every room. Not only available in different fabrics, sizes and designs, our cushions can also be crafted with different fillings to ensure it is hypoallergenic.
If you purchase more than 10 cushions at one time at SASA Creations then, we’ll offer you a 5% discount off every other cushion purchased (for the same purchase).

Cushions /’koosh-uhn/


A soft bag of cloth, leather or rubber, filled with feathers, air, foam rubber etc… on which to sit, kneel, or lie. Cushions also lessen the effects of hardship and distress, literally and figuratively.

It’s the finer details that make you stand out. . . Think boutique and chic, we know of all the finishes to ensure you secure all the right feels and impressions.

Finishes /’fin-ish/


To bring something to an end. Often in home renovations, people only budget for the big items such as furniture, electronics and painting. But people tend to forget about taps, handles, hinges and/or door handles.


In line with SASA Creations’ ability to style the interior and structural design of any home or office, our wallpapers should be added to your budget. The great thing about wallpapers is that they can change the entire appearance of a room without you having to break down any walls or renovate…

Wallpaper /’wawl-pey-per/


Any fabric, printed or vinyl, decorative material with patterns or solid colours for pasting on and covering walls or ceiling of rooms, passages etc.